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As We Hit The Road Again,
Are Aging Tires Up To The Trip?
Ask the Expert:
Can an Automated Inspection Identify Non-Wear-Related Tire Issues?
Israël: Le Constructeur Automobile Hyundai Investit Dans La Start-Up UVeye
Hyundai Invests in Auto-Tech Firm
Hyundai Becomes the Third OEM to Invest in UVeye
Hyundai Invests in Israel Auto-Tech Company UVeye
יונדאי משקיעה ביוביאיי ותתקין את מערכותיה
UVeye’s Drive-Through Inspection Tech Attracts Hyundai Investment
Hyundai is the Latest Strategic Investor in UVeye
UVeye Gets Hyundai Investment to Expand its Automated Vehicle-Inspection System
UVeye Secures Strategic Investment from Hyundai Motor Company
In the Footsteps of Toyota & Volvo: Hyundai Backs UVeye's "X-Ray" for Cars
Hyundai Motor Invests in UVeye for Automated Vehicle Inspection System
UVeye Secures Strategic Investments
UVeye Secures Strategic Investments
UVeye Secures Strategic Investment from Hyundai Motor Company
Hyundai Becomes the 3rd OEM to Invest in UVeye
Hyundai is the latest carmaker to invest in Israel’s UVeye,
joining Toyota, Honda, and Volvo
אחרי הונדה, וולוו וטויוטה: גם יונדאי משקיעה ביוביאיי
אחרי הונדה, וולוו וטויוטה: גם יונדאי משקיעה ביוביאיי
יונדאי נכנסת להשקעה אסטרטגית בסטארט אפ סורקי הרכב מת"א
אחרי הונדה, וולוו וטויוטה: גם יונדאי משקיעה ביוביאיי
AI-Based Vision Technology Aids Vehicle Inspection
Cox Acquiring Fyusion, Dickinson Fleet Services
חשמלי ואוטונומי: עשרה סטארט-אפים מעניינים בשוק הרכב של העתיד; וול סטריט מחכה
Identifying the Value of Automatic Inspections
Veye Hires Three Execs, Adds to Northeast Ohio Operation
UVeye Names Three Executives to North American Sales Roles
UVeye Names Three Executives to Key North American Sales Positions
Podcast: Automated Vehicle Inspection
Enhancing Vehicle Inspections with Artificial Intelligence
V.I.P. Auctions Introduces Ai Inspection Technology
America Welcomes UVeye
V.I.P. Auctions Introduces Ai Inspection Technology
UVeye Vehicle/Tire Inspection System Gains Traction
Covid Forces Acceleration of High-Tech Used Vehicle Inspection Imaging
Vehicle Inspection Startup Eyes Expanded Opportunities
Missing Multi-Point Inspections? You’re Missing Opportunities
UVeye to Unveil New Vehicle “Fingerprint” System for Security Industry
Automated Inspection Processes Can Boost Trust, Service Sales & CX
UVeye Develops AI-driven Inspection System
UVeye to Unveil New Vehicle “Fingerprint” System for Security Industry
Hardware Success Stories: Ohad Hever, COO at UVeye
UVeye To Unveil New Vehicle “Fingerprint” System For Security Industry
High-Tech Vehicle-Inspection Supplier UVeye Eyes U.S. Growth
CMO, Yaron Saghiv Explains our AI-powered Technology
These companies will Make your Air Travel Healthier and Safer
UVeye Plans US Launch
UVeye Names Two Executives to Lead its North American Operations Group
UVeye to Open a Manufacturing Facility in the United States
Israeli Tech company UVeye Plans Major U.S. Expansion
UVeye Sees Future in Ohio & New York
UVeye Delves Into Predictive Maintenance Programmes
Covid-19 Spreads Contactless Car Servicing, Digital Inspections & Touch-free Disinfection
Thermal Sensor Tech Can Detect Potential COVID-19 Fever in Vehicles Occupants
UVeye’s Tech Can Detect Passengers and Drivers with Potential Covid-19 Fever
Keeping an Eye on Vehicle Damage with AI
Monitoring Fever in Drivers While the Vehicle is Inspected
COVID-19: UVeye Provides Safety Inspections for Emergency Vehicles
UVeye Is Providing Vehicle-Safety Inspections For Emergency Fleets
COVID-19: UVeye Provides Safety Inspections for Emergency Vehicles
Contactless In-Vehicle Fever Testing for Coronavirus
COVID-19: UVeye Provides Safety Inspections for Emergency Vehicles
These Drive-by Thermal Sensors Can Identify Coronavirus-Infected People in Cars
Drive-By Heat Sensors Could Help Detect Vehicle Occupants With COVID-19
UVeye Is Providing Vehicle-Safety Inspections For Emergency Fleets
Toyotsu Automotive Creation Signs the First Installation of the
UVeye's Vehicle Inspection System in Japan
UVeye's New Technology Improves Vehicle Inspections
Automakers Adopt UVeye Scanners
The Best of CES 2020
CES 2020 Saw a Flurry of Israeli Automotive companies
UVeye Unveils Vehicle Inspection Technology
UVeye to Showcase Vehicle Inspection Technology at CES
Honda Xcelerator to Debut Industrial Innovation Collaborations at CES 2020 Along with New Technologies Coming Soon to Market
Drive-by Vehicle Threat Detection Offered Globally
UVeye Launches UV Inspect, Deep Learning-Powered Vehicle Undercarriage Threat Detection Solution
הישראלית מציגה את הדור החדש למערכת סריקה דיגיטלית UVeye
These 15 NYC Companies Raised the Most Capital in Q3 2019
AI-Based System Aims to Revolutionise Fleet Inspections
UVeye Can Diagnose a Car in 4 Seconds (Russian)
UVeye’s System Can Completely Inspect a Vehicle in Four Seconds or Less
Israeli AI Tech Promises To Dramatically Change Vehicle Inspections Worldwide
Start-Up UVeye Auf der IAA New Mobility World:
Reifeninspektion Im Drive-Through-Verfahren
Israeli Company Goes from Bomb Detection to Vehicle Inspection
UVeye Launches Tire Inspection Technology
UVeye, Automatic Inspection Throughout the Whole Life-cycle of Any Vehicle
Using Tech to Police Borders
UVeye expands digital scanning capabilities with new tire inspection system
UVeye Introduces New Tire Quality Inspection System for Major Fleets
The New Car Scanner
Covid Forces Acceleration Of High-Tech Used Vehicle Inspection Imaging
Machine und Deep Learning sind echte Game Changer
AI-Led Start-Up UVeye Raises $31 Million Led by Toyota Tsusho, Volvo Cars and W. R.
הישראלית UVeye-בדיקת רנטגן למכונית: וולוו וטויוטה משתתפות בהשקעת 31 מיליון דולר ב
וולבו וטויוטה משקיעות בסטאראטפ ישראלי שעושה ”בדיקת רנטגן” למכוניות
UVeye Snaps Up to $31M for Its Hyper-Detailed,
AI-Based Drive-Through Vehicle Scanning Platform
הישראלית גייסה 31 מיליון דולר בסבב שני UVeye
Volvo, Toyota Invest Millions In Drive-Through Inspection Company
הישראלית UVeye-וולוו וטויוטה הובילו השקעה של 31 מיליון דולר ב
UVeye Snaps Up $31M for its Hyper-Detailed, AI-Based Drive-Thru Vehicle-Scanning Platform
Volvo Cars Tech Fund supports Tel Aviv-based start-up UVeye
When Artificial Intelligence Meets Metal
This Company Is Using Computer Vision to Automate Vehicle Inspections
מצלמות יזהו תקלות באוטובוסים לפני שיאספו נוסעים
Toyota Tsusho Invests in UVeye, a Company in the Business of Utilizing AI-based Image Analysis in Vehicle Inspection Services
Ecomotion 2019 Tel Aviv
ISJ EXCLUSIVE: How to Improve Vehicle Security
Ecomotion 2019 Walla Interview
Spotting Terrorist Plots and Rental Car Scratches: How This Company Stays Flexible
Scanning Cars is Becoming a Thing
Technology to the Rescue – Start-Ups Using Data to Save Lives and Prevent Collisions
גאווה ישראלית: החברות הישראליות שכבשו את תערוכת האלקטרוניקה הגדולה בעולם
CES 2019 Showed Us Computer Vision will go Big this Year
Toyota Tsusho Group to Present Reliable and Safe Products for
Vehicle Operation and Maintenance at Messe Nagoya
Skoda Partners with Three More Israeli Innovations
סקודה מרחיבה את שיתופי הפעולה שלה עם סטארט-אפים בישראל
Computer Vision Company Plugs Critical Security Hole in Vehicle Inspection
Revolutionizing External Inspection of Vehicles with AI
Game Changing Innovations 2018
Next-Generation Under Vehicle Inspection System
Machine Learning Company UVeye Raises $4.5m Seed Round for China Push
Vehicle Inspection System ‘UVeye’ Raises $4.5M
A Company Using Cameras and Machine Learning for Under-Vehicle Inspection Receives
$4.5 Million in Funding
UVeye Raises $4.5M to Use Computer Vision to Inspect
Underside of Vehicles at Security Checkpoints
Vehicle Inspection System Company UVeye Raises $4.5M
UVeye Raises $4.5M in Seed Funding