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UVeye has been recognized as the global leader in vehicle inspections
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Vehicle-Safety Inspections for Emergency Fleets

UVeye is offering to equip health-related fleet operators with vehicle-inspection equipment on a not-for-profit basis during the current COVID-19 crisis. Ambulance and police fleets, as well as delivery services for food and medical equipment, all would be eligible for assistance.
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Second-hand Car Marketplaces in the Digital Age

There are over 47,000 used car dealerships in the US alone, and while the amount of vehicles sold is going up (39.4 million in 2018), there is a constant need to ensure customer trust and maintain a good reputation.
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Automatic Vehicle Inspection During COVID-19

It is clear that during times of emergency our society still needs functioning vehicles to take workers to hospitals and goods to grocery stores. Fleets need to keep working and fulfilling important demands while keeping personnel safe at all times.
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Preventing Accidents Using Artificial Intelligence

UVeye’s automated scanning devices and deep learning algorithms allow you to monitor your vehicle and be alerted of any potential warning signs without having to recognize them yourself.
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How Automatic Inspection Can Simplify Collision Claims

After an auto accident, collision shops and insurance companies can become adversaries. The two parties may have different agendas and espouse potentially different points of view.
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