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Better Vehicle Inspection Systems Are Key to Improving Highway Safety

Automated vehicle inspection systems at dealerships and service garages can help car owners avoid accidents and save lives by detecting hard-to-find tire and underbody problems.
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The Future of Automated Vehicle Testing

In the last couple of years, many transport ministries around the world have decided to privatize this inspection process and potentially automate it as well, to increase transparency with vehicle owners and support efficiency of the testing facility.
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Routine Inspection Discovers $40K Hole in Jaguar I-Pace EV!

The owner of a nearly new Jaguar I-Pace electric car near Oslo, Norway received a shocking report during a vehicle inspection. In what was a routine service visit, a small hole was discovered in the underside of the owner’s all-electric Jaguar SUV.
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Americans are Taking More Road Trips, but Their Tires are Expired

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research found that of the 11,500 passenger vehicles they inspected, almost half had at least one tire only 50% tread remaining. An additional 10% had at least one tire that was bald.
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UVeye Secures Strategic Investment from Hyundai Motor Company

UVeye, a developer of automated vehicle-inspection systems, has secured strategic investments from Hyundai Motor Company and several other investors to accelerate the company’s global expansion plans.
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How to Fingerprint Vehicles Using Computer Vision

UVeye & SIA Webinar on the benefits of leveraging deep learning & computer vision to assist advanced vehicle fraud prevention, and the opportunities for using Ai to combat HLS and other access control challenges.
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Safety first at UVeye: Making an impact with remote capabilities

With the spread of coronavirus forcing people to work from home for their safety and health, there are many challenges when operating a business from a distance. Not all employers recognize this transformation as positive, while managers oppose this verdict due to the difficulties in controlling remote workers and their productivity. At UVeye, we are in a unique position to see the practical impact in real-time.
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Access Control & Intelligent Vehicle Screening (UVIS)

When securing a sensitive facility against unwanted threats, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. Whether you are trying to protect an embassy, bank, power plant, data center, military base or airport, no perimeter is tightly secure until all of the people and vehicles entering are screened in the right manner.
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