Mitigating the Risk of Car Bombs to Hotel Security

Gabriel Avner | November 14, 2019
Over the past 15 years, nearly every mass casualty attack in Africa and Asia has included assaults on hotels. In 2019, high-profile attacks like those seen in Sri Lanka where three 5-star hotels (the Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand Hotel, and the Kingsbury) were struck on Easter day, and the January assault on the DusitD2 in Nairobi,… View Article

Dogs vs Under Vehicle Scanners — A comparison of dogs to scanner technologies for under vehicle inspections

Gabriel Avner | October 22, 2019
Beyond the warm and fuzzy factors, dogs have a long history of helping humans with their talented sense of smell that has been helpful for detecting hidden objects and people. To this end, dogs are still commonly used by security teams, police, and even militaries for guarding sensitive sites and uncovering contraband ranging from food… View Article

Communication is Key — Bridging the Gap Between Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Humans with Innovative UI Design

Gabriel Avner | October 11, 2019
This is the first article in a series about how various departments at UVeye look to approach challenges in their respective fields, seeking solutions to translate our innovations into value for customers and gaining new perspectives for personal professional growth.   As a startup that finds itself at the crossroads of a wide range of… View Article

Top 4 Airport Screening Technologies Security Managers Should Be Thinking About for 2020

Gabriel Avner | October 10, 2019
    Airports present a complex challenge to security managers, representing in sharp relief the tension between the need for efficiency and that of maintaining the highest levels of security standards.As the primary passenger travel hubs of the modern era, airports see the most significant amount of traveler traffic as billions pass through their gates… View Article

Introducing Artemis: Our Tyre Inspection System

Amir Hever | June 27, 2019
The following article has been written by UVeye’s CEO, Amir Hever and published via Linkedin and other social channels. I have an exciting announcement from our labs @UVeye. Around 3 years ago when we started developing our automatic vehicle inspection systems based on A.I. we knew we were onto something big. We started by an… View Article

Scaling operations at a Global business

Ohad Hever | June 20, 2019
The following article was written by Ohad Hever, COO of UVeye. Me and my brother Amir co-founded UVeye just over 2.5 years ago. We decided to challenge a task that we knew is difficult – create inspection systems led by AI for vehicles without physical human interference and providing a great experience for our potential clients. When… View Article

Introducing… Automatic Check-Ups for Autonomous Vehicles

UVeye | March 13, 2019
  Autonomous Vehicles: Leading the Future of the Automotive Industry?   Just a few years ago the idea of autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, seemed like a sci-fi fantasy or something you would watch on a cartoon series, like the 1960s show The Jetsons. Yet, anyone aware of vehicle tech trends would be hard-pressed to… View Article

UVeye: Preventing Vehicles from Becoming Lethal Weapons

UVeye | February 27, 2019
Terrorism is on the rise globally, as anti-democratic forces seek to eradicate notions of freedom and human rights. As a result, the most innovative technologies and security inspection systems need to be implemented in all areas of society in order to safeguard and protect civilians from the radical ideologies that threaten to cast dark shadows… View Article

A Day in the Life of UVeye: Working Hard, But Enjoying the Good Life

UVeye | February 21, 2019
What you know – or may not know – about UVeye: Using AI-based technology, UVeye provides high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles and is on the path towards changing the future of automotive security. With fantastic people, great benefits, happy hours, yoga, and, of course, free food, UVeye is not only one of… View Article