About UVeye

UVeye is a computer vision and machine learning company that specializes in the design and building of advanced vehicle inspection systems.

The first line of products focused on solutions for the Homeland Security and Defense (HLS) market, with a unique device that uses hi-fidelity cameras and computer algorithms to scan and automatically detect threats in the undercarriage of any vehicle. The system is installed worldwide at various locations such as airports, military bases and financial establishments.

In 2017, UVeye introduced its latest line of products to the Automotive market with the 360° system, enabling automatic detection of a wide variety of mechanical issues, as well as damages to the outer frame of any vehicle.

UVeye is changing the way people approach vehicle inspection, by automating processes, improving accuracy and standardization of inspections, and reducing resources. Driven by the importance on ‘Inspection as a Service’, UVeye is revolutionizing the Automotive industry



Executive Team

Amir Hever

CEO & Co-Founder

Ohad Hever

COO & Co-Founder

David Oren


Shachar Sherizly


Dvir Paravi


Yael Fisch

Director of HR