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Keep Fleet Maintenance Downtime to a Minimum
with Automated Inspection


Any time a vehicle is down means lost revenues or missed delivery promises. Unprecedented capacity demands combined with driver and mechanic shortages make vehicle uptime even more critical. Unscheduled repairs take the vehicle out of service, with potentially more expensive repairs required that could have been taken care of earlier through predictive maintenance. 

Fleet Managers currently rely on visual checks, historical repairs, and unreliable sensor data resulting in a reactive maintenance strategy rather than a predictive one.

What if you had a detailed automated inspection solution that takes 10 seconds?

Using automated inspection, fleet operators can almost instantaneously spot flat tires, tread, oil leaks, broken headlights, or any other issues that should be taken care of before sending the truck out on the road.

Increased fleet uptime & operational efficiency

UVeye’s advanced system detects mechanical issues in a vehicle’s undercarriage, exterior, and tires before they become worse and result in vehicle system failures, providing the ability to efficiently and remotely monitor your entire fleet’s condition regularly without physical inspections.

Customize detection & alerts

UVeye’s technology can send critical alert SMS text messages with images to designated individuals based on your fleet’s own customized severity definitions.

Predictive maintenance to decrease costs

By utilizing UVeye inspection, fleet managers can prioritize preventative maintenance, identify repair issues early, and replace worn parts now rather than major components later on.

Reduced on-road service

With UVeye, fleet managers can also minimize an external road service provider’s added cost, utilizing targeted and actionable vehicle information to identify maintenance concerns. For example, one fleet that has incorporated UVeye technology has seen our system detected 96% of grounding issues vs. 24% via the traditional manual process.

  • Early detection of repairs can decrease costs by 90%.
  • Fleet managers can save $500K on roadside breakdown costs annually. 
  • Fleets can save $400K annually due to predictive maintenance.
  • Reduced insurance costs due to liability monitoring.
  • Avoid an equipment issue that could lead to a $1M+ liability claim.

Increased safety and compliance: damage and driver monitoring and traceability

Preventive maintenance is as crucial as the pre- or post-trip inspection for keeping trucks in good operating condition, addressing equipment issues that can lead to an accident or violation before the unit hits the road.

UVeye’s high-quality images and detailed reports are shared instantly to your fleet manager, maintenance team, and safety director online via cloud architecture, so everyone is on the same page and you can act as fast as possible to resolve any issues.

Detailed equipment wear business intelligence

UVeye’s technology can transform your preventative maintenance program by producing proactive and actionable information for your team, providing a technological edge and a new layer of data.

Fleet Use Cases

UVeye’s products can be useful for the following types of fleets: Final mile, truckload, private fleets, police, medical, postal, schools, government, waste management, leasing, public transit, rideshare, inspection, and maintenance & repair.

Technology to drive your fleet forward

UVeye enables fleets to easily scan and detect issues early without taking vehicles off the road, saving money, tracking damages, and reducing losses with more intelligent predictive maintenance management.