Introducing Artemis: Our Tire Inspection System

The following article has been written by UVeye’s CEO, Amir Hever.

I have an exciting announcement from our labs. Around 3 years ago when we started developing our automatic vehicle inspection systems based on A.I. we knew we were onto something big. We started by an exterior high-resolution view of the undercarriage analyzed by machine learning, continued to 360 degrees scan to find scratches and dents and recently completed another important product connected to our platform.

We decided to give a real full picture of any vehicle and really set the future standard of vehicle inspection by providing dynamic tire analysis. I’m proud to name it Artemis and announce that it is fully operational and ready for deployment. We already set a pilot with an Israeli giant transportation company, Kavim.

With our new hardware we are able to detect (within seconds) things like air pressure (and compare both sides), does the tire need changing (danger factor), year of make and more. We can compare the same tire within 10,000 km, 20,000 km or 100,000 km and predict maintenance issues.

How can it save us billions?

 Everyone is talking about smart mobility. The revolution that is changing the automotive industry from a means to service, autonomous driving, truck fleets driving 24/7 on the highways, people watching Netflix and eating a hot dog while the car is doing the driving for them. Today vehicles are used on average only 5%-7% of the time and parked for the rest of the time. Imagine car-sharing fleets, autonomous vehicles and smart public transportation driving around smart cities 50%, 70% or 90% of the time.

What would happen to the mechanics of the vehicle? How often would we need to change our oil? How would our tires look like? Would we even do it or would the car manufacturers include service after purchase of automatic maintenance? These are all important questions which we are trying to answer and solve at UVeye.

Artemis, like our 2 other successful products – can be deployed ad-hoc and seamlessly in access points, high ways, road stops, in-line inspection stops & more. It can scan private vehicles and full-loaded trailer trucks without even stopping and give full control and knowledge to the fleet, insurance company, or tire manufacturer.