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Automation and AI:

Bringing Fleet Maintenance Into the 21st Century

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UVeye, a pioneer in the field of automated vehicle-inspection systems, uses hardware combined with Artificial Intelligence powered software to deliver actionable insights that help fleets boost uptime, decrease running costs, and maintain safety standards.

RoboTire uses cutting-edge robotics and AI technology to automate the tire-changing process, freeing up mechanics, technicians, and engineers to focus on more technical services and repairs. Together, the two ultra-modern tech companies aim to bring fleet maintenance into the 21st century with industry-leading technology.

Speaking from UVeye is the US Director of Sales Mike Bush. Mike has over a decade of experience in the transportation industry. Within fleet, he has worked in risk management, product strategy, and technology development. At UVeye he is focused on fleet sales across the US. Mike’s goal is to be a partner with his clients by helping them address critical issues such as cost, uptime, and safety.

Also joining the conversation is RoboTire’s Senior Manager of Operations Ben Wilson. Ben, previously the COO of Virginia Tire & Auto, is well versed in rapidly expanding and improving business operations on a regional scale. Now, at RoboTire, his main goal is to expand the company’s footprint both regionally and nationally, focusing on business development and on-site training for technicians.

Michael Bush
Director of US Fleet Sales

Benjamin Wilson
Senior Operations Manager

Moderated by
Bryan Campbell

Forbes Journalist &
UVeye Head of Content