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Case Study: Increasing Seaport Security

UVeye provides vehicle inspection solutions (UVIS) for secured facilities and checkpoints around the world. Our automated under vehicle inspection scanner provides security teams with the ability to scan vehicles quickly to keep the flow of traffic moving without compromising on high-security standards.

Roughly 80% of the volume in global trade still travels by sea, making seaports critical hubs of commerce which must be secured against threats. Given the scale of vehicles that pass through their gates daily and the security resources available to them, ports’ authorities are facing the need to prioritize their inspections. 

In early 2019, UVeye has established a partnership with one of the major Seaports in the Middle-East, which oversees the movement of between 3k to 5k large trucks ferrying goods every day, seeking out a technology that would increase the speed and accuracy of their inspections and support the truck lane security. 

Previously, out of 3,000-4,000 vehicles daily, only 60 were inspected. All the rest passed through without an undercarriage inspection.


   •  Scanning 3 – 5K Trucks Daily

   •  Comprehensive Inspection

   •  Automated Threat Detection

When prior solutions provided limited visibility, slow, inconclusive, and prone to human error, UV Inspect can scan, analyze, and record all passing vehicles, ensuring the flow of traffic without compromising on security.

UVeye’s Helios can be used for vehicles that have not been previously scanned, offering the verified first pass solution that dramatically increases the effectiveness of security teams.

Adopting UVeye’s automated UVIS technology has given the port’s security team a competitive edge, establishing them as an innovative leader while vastly expanding their capacity to inspect more vehicles with a higher standard of security. 

Contact us to learn more about how we are changing the face of vehicle inspections across the security sector.

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