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UVeye and Tekion Partner to Enhance the Dealership Customer-Service Experience

    UVeye joins with Tekion to integrate automated vehicle-inspection systems with the latest artificial intelligence-powered Automotive Retail Cloud

•    General Motors dealership network will be the first to utilize the Tekion integration


The two technology companies are joining forces following UVeye’s recent collaboration with General Motors. The collaborative effort will enable dealers that utilize Tekion’s ARC to benefit from the seamless integration of UVeye systems.

By combining UVeye’s AI-powered vehicle scanning devices with Tekion’s innovative cloud-native software, service customers and dealership employees will be able to receive comprehensive vehicle-condition reports instantaneously. The reports are designed to provide clarity and enhance the customer-service experience by helping users decide on the best service solutions possible.

Customers simply can drive through UVeye scanning units at the entrance of the dealership service department. Detailed reports then are delivered via text message, email or through Tekion’s personalized consumer portal in ARC. Not only can the reports eliminate guesswork, but they also build customer trust through transparency. 

Carl Black Chevrolet, Buick, GMC of Kennesaw, Georgia, is the first GM dealer to integrate UVeye’s advanced vehicle-inspection systems with Tekion’s game-changing Automotive Retail Cloud.

The UVeye product suite includes three AI-driven systems that can detect mechanical issues such as fluid leaks and component and body damage, as well as missing parts or modifications. They also can measure tire-tread depth, detect uneven wear and read sidewall information.

UVeye systems then summarize tire, underbody and exterior inspection data into a single detailed vehicle-condition report that instantly can be relayed to both customers and dealership service personnel.


Established in 2016, UVeye created one of the world’s first fully automated and comprehensive vehicle inspection systems. Earlier this year UVeye’s inspection technology was integrated with CDK’s Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange. The company also plans to make its service-department technology available to new- and used-car dealers through other automotive retail-management systems.

Utilizing a bespoke combination of proprietary algorithms, cloud architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor-fusion technologies, the company’s groundbreaking drive-thru systems can detect any external or mechanical flaws and identify anomalies, modifications or foreign objects under and around any side of a vehicle within seconds.

Detections include but are not limited to oil leaks, exterior imperfections such as scratches and dents, tire sidewall and tread issues and other forms of underbody damage. Originally developed for use in the homeland security industry, UVeye expanded its technology applications to the auto industry, revolutionizing the multipoint inspection process and improving the customer experience by scanning for and identifying a wide variety of quality and repair concerns. Additional information is available at


An underbody scanner that detects a wide variety of problems including frame damage, missing parts and fluid leaks, as well as brake and exhaust-system issues.


A system that checks tire quality. Within seconds it identifies tire brand, technical specifications, air pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage, alignment issues and whether or not a vehicle’s tires are mismatched.


A 360-degree detection system that checks sheet metal and other external body components such as bumpers, door locks, grilles and windows.


Disrupting a 50-year reliance on aging Dealer Management System platforms, Tekion has challenged the paradigm with the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail platform, Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC). This transformative dealership software platform uses cutting-edge technology, big data, machine learning, and AI to seamlessly bring together OEMs, retailers/dealers and consumers. With its highly configurable integration and greater customer engagement capabilities, ARC is simplifying the dealer/consumer relationship and journey. Founded in the Silicon Valley, Tekion employs over 2,000 innovators globally. For more information, visit

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