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GM President, Mark Reuss and UVeye's Game Changing Visit

The recent few months have generated a strategic collaboration between General Motors and UVeye which mutually announced a substantial investment and a commercial partnership enabling a roll-out of the technology throughout the wide dealership network.

Last week the President of General Motors, Mark Reuss, accompanied by senior members of his executive team visited the Service Learning Center in Warren, Michigan, to review the new UVeye system including Helios, Artemis and Atlas Lite.

Reuss and his team met with CEO of UVeye Amir Hever and CMO Yaron Saghiv and received a full demonstration of vehicles being scanned while driving through the service lane.

said Reuss, while able to view damages to the underbody, tire condition and scratches or dents around the vehicle.

Also attending the visit were Global Vice President, Customer Care and Aftersales, John Roth, Chief Technology Officer and President GM Ventures, Kent Helfrich and Managing Director GM Ventures, Wade Sheffer.

Marsh has also referred to the UVeye system as a “rapid vehicle triage” in a Forbes article recently.

Established in 2016, UVeye created one of the world’s first fully automated and comprehensive vehicle inspection systems. Dozens of dealerships across the USA are already using the technology both for service and used cars.