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UVeye's Driving Force Spotlight: Omer Amsel, Product Manager

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Hey. My name is Omer, and I’m a Product Manager at UVeye.

Why did you choose to work for UVeye?

This company has always intrigued me since it’s quite different from other companies that I used to work for. I came from a software background working on consumer products, and UVeye presented something that I always wanted to do, which is a mixture of software & hardware. The multidisciplinary aspect of UVeye genuinely fascinated me, and this is why I decided to join the force.

What makes a company a good working place, in your opinion?

In my opinion, what makes a company great is both balance & respect. Balance knowing exactly who you work with, how to do your job, and act professionally while also having these amusing conversations and commentary within the organization. The other aspect is respect, both getting and also giving respect to your colleagues and team members. This great atmosphere is created by joining these two features that make a company great. I think UVeye has that big time.

What have you learned while working at UVeye?

Working at UVeye is a great learning experience. You deal with so many different types of technologies and disciplines make you learn plenty of new things. Even the more experienced employees in the company get to acquire many skills during these processes. Also, as we grow inside the industry, this is a great learning experience.

What makes you the proudest of UVeye?

The thing I am most proud of, with the risk of sounding really tacky, is seeing my colleagues & team work simultaneously in a very successful manner. They are incredibly proud of the things they have achieved, and for me, as a Product Manager, it is the best thing to hope for.

Do you feel UVeye supports employee growth and professional development?

A little story about myself when I joined the company: I came here on a much smaller scale as a Project Manager, and after having the chance to work with the team, we decided that the role should be more significant and comprehensive, so we have redefined my specific role & responsibilities.

This serves as a testament to other journeys that employees get here as they sign for one thing, but then because UVeye is a startup, we as employees grow with it together, and so do our responsibilities. You really get a chance to take more than you had at first while learning new skills & perfecting existing ones. Most of the company’s employees can attest that the position they are currently performing is much larger than the initial role they were hired to do. There are a lot of places to grow at UVeye.

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How is the company different from other places you have worked at?

UVeye to me is very unique since we are dealing with multiple different types of technologies as we work both in hardware & software, machine & deep learning. This creates a recipe for a unique company, as most companies are strictly software or hardware. As a result, we have many people from different backgrounds, who really make this place remarkable.

How advanced is UVeye in terms of technology compared to the industry?

From what I can say, very much. UVeye is very individual in that sense as well. We have a lot of very modern thinking employees, and every one of them tries to adopt the latest technology and make them productional. I think it positions us head and shoulders above the competition.

Tell me about a problematic COVID-19 challenge and how you overcame it.

Even in COVID times, our systems needed to be installed in our clients’ locations. Usually, we’d like to have our boots on the ground during installations. This posed a pretty big challenge since we couldn’t fly over and be there. As we are a very innovative company, we used many new tools for performing remote sessions and got everything installed flawlessly and on schedule.

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How is it working from home?

Working from home really depends mostly on my kids, whether they allow me to actually work. But we find the ways, and even do a lot of genuine work during COVID while working from home, so it turned out pretty well for us.

What do you miss the most about the pre-coronavirus period?

What I miss most is actually the people and having conversations with them, not necessarily professional related, but these little hallway chats when you’re making coffee or grabbing a snack. These are the little things that I miss the most.

Tell me something not professional about your team that you love.

What I most enjoy about my team is how absurd they are and how unique they are, each in his own way, as they all came from really different backgrounds; I love how they talk to each other and how heated their discussions get. They are truly passionate about what they do.

What was the last nice thing you have done for your team?

The last nice thing that I’ve done for my team was on my birthday when I brought a lot of food from home, and we ordered hummus for everyone here. There was a cake too, and we all sat together and ate for my birthday. That was nice.