Securing The Under Vehicle Body

Kate Schattner | December 18, 2017
Car Bomb – How To Prevent The Next Attack Late Saturday, December 10, two bombs were detonated in Istanbul leaving 38 people dead and 155 injured. The first attack, which seems to have targeted police, occurred outside a heavily attended football game at Besiktas Vodafone Arena. Reports say the bomb was detonated by remote control…. View Article

Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System

| December 3, 2017
The Need The setups of temporary road blocks due to security needs ─ such as international diplomatic visits or political events ─ are a part of our life. Today, in light of the sharp increase in world terrorism, law enforcement authorities are looking for new ways, not in the least technological ones, to increase security,… View Article

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Kate Schattner | August 14, 2017
Unique Technology For Under Vehicle Surveillance In the era of global terrorism, we are seeing more and more organizations – military and civilian alike – starting to appreciate the importance of inspecting the undercarriage of every vehicle entering their secured compounds.   That is a good thing, right? Well, only partly so; because even today,… View Article

Under Vehicle Inspection Solution

| December 26, 2016
Recent years have seen a sharp increase in world terrorism and the list of countries entering the circle is only growing. Terrorist organizations operate in many different methods that are growing and evolving all the time, including booby-trapped cars, and weapon smuggling for the purpose of attacks on innocent civilians. In response, many technology companies… View Article