UVeye, the leading provider of cutting-edge inspection technologies, has set a new standard with their latest innovation: Apollo. The addition of this product results in UVeye offering a comprehensive, fully automated vehicle inspection system that leaves no aspect unchecked – including vehicle interiors.


UVeye has already established a reputation for excellence with their existing products: Helios, Artemis, and Atlas Lite. These innovations have redefined the possibilities of underbody, tire, and exterior inspections. Now, with the arrival of Apollo, UVeye completes the full suite, introducing an interior inspection product that will reshape the industry’s standard of comprehensive inspections. This solution opens doors to an entirely new level of transparency, reliability, and convenience.


  • Comprehensive Inspection of Vehicle Interiors
  • On-Board Diagnostics Codes in UVeye Inspection Reports
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App for Service Professionals
  • Simplify & Automate the Condition Report Process for Auctions
  • Easily Remarket & Inspect Vehicle Interiors at Dealerships


Imagine gaining a comprehensive understanding of a car’s interior through 360° images, accessible at your fingertips. Apollo empowers you to easily explore every aspect of the interior of a vehicle, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. Additionally, Apollo fully integrates on-board diagnostic codes, using the OBD-II port, into UVeye condition reports resulting in an even more comprehensive understanding of a vehicle. This access to diagnostic information provides insights into a vehicle’s health and potential issues and can instantly be shared with car owners for full transparency.


To further enhance the inspection experience, UVeye has developed a user-friendly mobile app for Apollo. Compatible with Android 10 or iOS 12 and later, the app automatically uploads the car’s information and allows service professionals and car owners immediate access to the inspection results wherever convenient. With just a few taps, you can initiate the inspection process, and automatically upload images and OBD-II codes ensuring a streamlined and convenient experience.


The benefits Apollo brings to the vehicle auction space include both process automation for auction staff and transparency for bidders. In the past, potential buyers had limited information at their disposal, primarily relying on exterior assessments and, if they’re lucky, inconsistent interior reporting. With Apollo, the process and transparency changes entirely.

For auction staff, it’s no longer necessary to try and take consistent high-quality photos for each vehicle that comes in; and then manually upload and organize those photos for bidders to view. Apollo guides auction personnel through the simplest way of getting consistent high quality images and automatically uploads the images to the already comprehensive UVeye condition report. Additionally, OBD-II codes are automatically read and uploaded to that same report saving that much time for auction houses and enabling an increase in volume.

As an auction participant interested in a vehicle and wanting to see more than a few photos of the exterior, Apollo allows you to pull up the inspection of the car, and immediately have access to a full view of the interior from anywhere in the world. You can dive deeper, examining the OBD-II codes to gain a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s diagnostics, view pictures of the dashboard and engine, and to seal the deal, you can listen to the recorded sound of the engine to confirm the vehicle’s in top condition and right for you. Of course all of this is paired with the already existing condition report UVeye provides of the vehicle exterior, underbody, and tires.


The benefits Dealers see are largely similar to those that Auction houses experience. In many ways, UVeye’s new product dramatically improves the process of reconditioning and selling certified pre-owned vehicles at dealerships. Not only does Apollo automate the process of remarketing vehicles with high-quality and consistent interior photography as well as reporting OBD-II codes for sharing to potential buyers, but it also supports sales due to the increased transparency that customers will experience.


Apollo’s unveiling marks a turning point in the automotive industry. Now with the world’s first fully automated vehicle inspection system, UVeye sets the bar high for automation and transparency. UVeye’s groundbreaking advancements highlight the potential of automated inspection technology.