Driving the Future: UVeye and Amazon to Roll Out Inspections for Fleets at Hundreds of Sites

At UVeye, innovation has been a driving force throughout the journey, and today, Amazon and UVeye are unveiling a collaboration set to revolutionize vehicle inspections on a global scale. In an unprecedented partnership, UVeye is set to bring automatic vehicle inspection to the fleets industry, starting with Amazon’s fleet of over 100 thousand vehicles. These systems will be deployed across hundreds of Amazon warehouses worldwide, increasing reliability when delivering over 20 million packages a day.

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This transformative collaboration signifies Amazon’s adoption of automated vehicle inspection systems and is set to revolutionize daily vehicle inspections for delivery vehicles operating across the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the U.K., offering improved fleet maintenance and elevated safety standards.

What sets this system apart is its speed and precision. Imagine vehicles passing through a specialized tunnel equipped with a network of cameras and sensors, all working in unison to conduct an inspection of the full vehicle within seconds.


During the initial phase, conducted at select Amazon delivery stations in the U.S., the system demonstrated its ability to identify issues that are often overlooked during manual inspections. From detecting undercarriage damage to spotting nails in tire treads, this system leaves no stone unturned.

UVeye’s co-founder and CEO, Amir Hever, couldn’t be prouder of the joint journey: “Each new feature and improvement has brought us closer to where we are today, and we are so proud of the system, which is now being scaled to administer tens of millions of inspections a year.”


Tom Chempananical, Global Fleet Director at Amazon Logistics, shares UVeye’s enthusiasm for the system’s deployment: “With over 100,000 Amazon-branded delivery vehicles on the road, bringing 20 million packages to our customers every day, we can automate most of the inspection process at scale. This reduces the time spent on inspections by DSPs and Delivery Associates, ensuring packages reach customers faster while improving road safety.”

This partnership is a significant leap forward in the world of vehicle inspection. UVeye currently scans over 2 million vehicles and 20 million tires a year and as the system continues to expand its reach, it seems that the future of the automotive industry is in the right direction.

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UVeye’s collaboration with one of the world’s largest fleets is just one of many impressive partnerships. During the last 2 years, UVeye has announced strategic partnerships with companies such as General Motors, CarMax, and Volvo Cars, installing at hundreds of car dealerships and auctions.

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