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Our Very First NADA 2022 Show is In the Bag

For most of the attendees at NADA 2022, the show started on Friday, March 11 and ended two days later the following Sunday. For us, there were weeks, days, hours of build-up, preparation, planning, and execution. And while the show is technically over, the excitement around Atlas Lite is ongoing, our partnership with Volvo is expanding, and the incredible amount of interest in UVeye from all over the industry is growing. 

Leading up to the show, we officially announced our newest device, the Atlas Lite. Along with the Helios and Artemis, the Atlas Lite completes the UVeye system on a dealership level and brings some incredible innovation to a much more forward-facing space. Since the Atlas Lite is tailored to dealerships’ in size and usability, it opens up so many more opportunities for a dealer to evolve iån an increasingly progressive industry. And that was on full display at NADA.

Our booth was busy with foot traffic from beginning to end. The Atlas Lite was a massive announcement on its own, but combined with the news that our partnership with Volvo will now include installing UVeye systems in all of its US dealerships, well, we were the talk of the town at NADA. 

Show attendees from all parts of the industry came to our booth and were able to see the Atlas Lite will bring more to the dealership experience than just improved service reports. One of the reasons Volvo put faith in UVeye and the Atlas Lite is because it raises the bar in terms of efficiency and performance. Not only does the Atlas Lite work with the Helios and Artemis to allow dealerships to build trust with customers through detailed, yet easy to read service reports, it also adds support across all the dealership departments. 

Service can work hand in hand with sales to show customers extensive yet digestible standardized reports, building trust and transparency in the process. Those reports and high-definition photographs can be use in appraisals on new cars, help online sales with more robust listings, all while keeping customers informed leaving no stone unturned.

On the show floor of NADA, we heard dealerships advocate for the Atlas Lite, Helios, and Artemis to help keep their business an integral part of the car buying experience as the industry evolves. Brands like Tesla and even General motors are moving away from the traditional car dealership model but dealer principals are finding UVeye is keeping them a part of the process. 

With delivery and possibly sales happening solely through the manufacturer, the only role a dealership can play is that of a much needed service and inspection station. In that case, the process needs to be as quick, painless, and as seamless as possible. UVeye’s full system provides that experience for both dealers and dealer customers.   

Elsewhere around NADA, UVeye seemed to be apart of every conversation. Our COO Ohad Hever was interviewed at our booth by Kyle Mountsier from Automotive State of the Union. Regional Sales Director Jim Boehnlein was a featured guest of Ted Ing’s Fixed Ops Round Table broadcast and even won an award for Best Practice. UVeye is also proud to have sponsored the Women’s Leadership Luncheon and sent an amazing delegation in the form of our new Head of HR Adva Plotkin, our Marketing Communications Director Samantha Foster, as well as Sales Managers Maritza Cox and May DeLoach.

Outside of the show, the UVeye Team found time to wind down. Just outside of Vegas there’s Speed Vegas, a compound dedicated to nothing but fun and entertainment when it comes to performance cars of all kinds. Naturally, being the competitive bunch that the UVeye Team is a a GoKart race was in order. After a mini-Grand Prix with qualifying and a race, the founder and CEO came out on top. Her was afraid everyone would think it was fixed because the owner won, but if you look at the time sheets, he was seriously quick in tha kart. Not to mention his brother and co-founder Ohad came in second. The sibling rivalry was hard to hide on track.

All in all, NADA 2022 was a resounding success. There’s no doubting UVeye’s increasing footprint in the industry and growing popularity. It’s only the third month of the year and already so much has happened, so many goals already achieved. The greatest part? We’re just getting started.