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Webinar: Automatic Inspection at the Dealership

Webinar Agenda

Glenn Hemminger
USA Managing Director

Current Dealership Challenges

Existing Dealer State

•   OEM Pressure

•   Dealership Group/Dealer Principle Pressure; Sell more, do more with less 

   Staffing Issues – SA and Tech – Old Guard v. New Breed (Experience v. Tech-Savvy)

•   Manual processes still require labor and a commitment from management

•   Multiple tools to navigate with limited integration

•   Difficult to sustain standards all the time

•   Limited certainty that all vehicles were inspected the same way, every time.
What opportunities were missed?

•   UC Appraisal Process a few minutes, but prone to some risks

•   COVID-19

Manual Inspections

Drawbacks for Manual Inspections (Processes)​

   Lacks transparency for the customer

   Lacks certainty and knowledge of the thoroughness of inspection (management oversight/adherence to standards)

•   Dealers are busy – the chances of missing opportunities is higher with a manual process – safety, upsell, and customer experience

   Manual inspections are a cost to the dealer – e.g. every tire inspection takes time and that is a cost investment in labor by the dealer

   Highest and best use for labor? Manual inspections?

Benefits of Automated Inspections

Customer Experience

   Tech to perform objective Inspection

   Ability to share UI with customer

   Enhances the opportunity to engage with the customer

•   Track history of scans

   Merchandising (e.g. UC inventory)

Upsell Opportunities

•   Every tire inspected every time – alignments, brakes, other services once you get the wheels off?

•   Ability to engage customer on service drive about damage – conversation

•   Data mining – based on scan history

Process Efficiency

•   Help technician better allocate time to/from valuable work

•   Help Service Manager support newer service techs with insight from reviewing scans

   Via integrations – eliminate processes

Confidence and Certainty

   Objective inspection – same standard, every time

   Over 90% of accuracy and reliability

•   High-resolution images that
accurately show the current state

   UC Appraisals with certainty

•   Reporting

Evolution of Vehicle Inspections

Aftermarket Inspection

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Automatic Inspection - Benefits

User Interface

Under-Vehicle Inspection System

Technology Inspections

Reallocation of High Value Labor

   Reorient  FROM  manual processes
 TO  high-value processes

•   Highest and best use for your labor investment

   Focus on what needs your attention

 Stop inspecting what doesn’t need to be inspected

⇒   Simplified change management via integrations

Confidence and Certainty

   Improved UX

   Every vehicle scanned to same standard, every time

Site Workflow - Automatic Inspection

UVeye Hardware

The Data Collection Points ​​

With Inspection as a Service... ​​

   No Maintenance

   No Obsolescence

   Utilize Latest Technology as it Evolves

   No Large Initial Capital Outlay

   Value Capture First

Tire Analysis UI

UVeye Inspection Coverage For Dealership

Covers Large Portion of the MPI Sheet Automatically

One Platform for All Systems

Integrates with the UVeye Cloud

•   Connect Anytime, Anywhere

•   Monitor Volume and Performance Over Time

•   Get Business Insights in Real-Time

•   Share Data with Colleagues and Customers

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