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Wheel Alignment Is Now Seamlessly Integrated Into Your
Standard UVeye Inspection

It’s been a long time coming, but the highly anticipated misalignment detection feature is finally here. As a benefit of our “inspection as a service” program, UVeye inspection locations receive regular over-the-air updates for improved capabilities and features. There’s no extra equipment needed and it doesn’t add any extra time to the UVeye scan process, because there are no extra steps. The Artemis software has been updated to now include the ability to detect tire alignment issues. 

Using its ability to establish tread depth, the Artemis can now calculate uneven wear across the tire. If there are varying levels of tread depth, it lets the detection software know there’s a tire misalignment, camber, or toe angle issue.

Driving around on misaligned tires can present a handful of problems, some more noticeable than others:

•    Probleme behandeln:   Misaligned tires can cause your vehicle to pull either to the left or the right. At highway speeds, unexpected drifting becomes incredibly dangerous

•    Tire Wear:    Alignment issues also cause your tires to wear, not just unevenly, but quicker as well. While the more visible tread towards the outside of the tire might look safe, the inside tread could be dangerously low.

•    Kraftstoffeffizienz:    Properly aligned tires present minimal rolling resistance. The more misaligned your tires are, the harder your vehicle needs to work to move down the road.

•    Safer, More Comfortable Driving:    Misaligned tires can cause steering problems possibly resulting in loss of control. A correct alignment not only requires less effort to drive and steer but also improves ride quality and the driver’s own endurance.

The Artemis, Helios, and Atlas Lite devices all provide near-instantaneous, automatic, detailed, and image-rich vehicle reports that help build trust with customers through transparency. The Artemis is the only tire scanner in the world capable of analyzing sidewall damage, tire age, manufacturer text specs, tread depth, and now alignment issues.

UVeye’s vehicle-inspection systems include: