helios HELIOS.

Underbody scanner that produces high-resolution imagery in seconds. Machine learning algorithms expose mechanical and safety issues in seconds to be shared with service professionals with a full report detailing fluid leaks, misaligned parts, rust, or damaged components.


helios ARTEMIS.

Wheel and tire automated inspection systems that scan both the sidewall and tread angles, including tire information, tread depth, uneven wear, and wheel damage. Find all the information Artemis provides in our UVeye Interface with detailed and interactive reports.

A Modular 360° Scanner

helios ATLAS lite.

A compact, easily-deployable 360-degree exterior vehicle scan that detects damages on the body panels of a vehicle. View each of the fifteen camera angles of a vehicle driving through the Atlas Lite, allowing well-detailed car listings and appraisals.

Full-Body Inspection

helios ATLAS.

UVeye’s flagship exterior scanner capable of automatically revealing damages for larger commercial vehicles enabling more efficient safety monitoring and predictive maintenance reporting. Atlas also provides detailed quality assurance and paint inspection for vehicle manufacturers.