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UVeye has been recognized as the global leader in vehicle inspections
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Create Transparency & Certainty with Automated Vehicle Inspection

Join UVeye & Autosuccess for one of a kind conversation about inspections, technology, fixed ops & car dealerships.
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UVeye Secures Strategic Investment from Hyundai Motor Company

UVeye, a developer of automated vehicle-inspection systems, has secured strategic investments from Hyundai Motor Company and several other investors to accelerate the company’s global expansion plans.
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How to Fingerprint Vehicles Using Computer Vision

UVeye & SIA Webinar on the benefits of leveraging deep learning & computer vision to assist advanced vehicle fraud prevention, and the opportunities for using Ai to combat HLS and other access control challenges.
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How Dealerships Can Start Selling Online

The way customers buy cars has changed, and probably forever. Rather than spending hours browsing car lots to find the perfect vehicle, shoppers are increasingly spending their time online to narrow down their selection. On average, shoppers spend around 14 hours online researching to find the right vehicle, according to Cox Automotive. Ultimately, many of those shoppers would buy a car sooner if online car sales are an option.
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UVeye to Unveil New Vehicle “Fingerprint” System for Security Industry

UVeye, a leading developer of vehicle threat-detection systems for the security industry, is introducing technology that can create a virtual “fingerprint” for any vehicle that receives a UVeye underbody scan.
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Safety first at UVeye: Making an impact with remote capabilities

With the spread of coronavirus forcing people to work from home for their safety and health, there are many challenges when operating a business from a distance. Not all employers recognize this transformation as positive, while managers oppose this verdict due to the difficulties in controlling remote workers and their productivity. At UVeye, we are in a unique position to see the practical impact in real-time.
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Access Control & Intelligent Vehicle Screening (UVIS)

When securing a sensitive facility against unwanted threats, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. Whether you are trying to protect an embassy, bank, power plant, data center, military base or airport, no perimeter is tightly secure until all of the people and vehicles entering are screened in the right manner.
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Automatic Vehicle Inspection During COVID-19

It is clear that during times of emergency our society still needs functioning vehicles to take workers to hospitals and goods to grocery stores. Fleets need to keep working and fulfilling important demands while keeping personnel safe at all times.
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