Automate Your Fleet Inspection Process

Technology to drive your fleet forward

•   Increased Uptime  
•  Decreased Cost  
•  Improved Operational Efficiency  
•  Increased Safety & Compliance  

Full Body Analysis

Your vehicle drives your business and is a reflection of your brand.

  • Proactively identify issues that could put your vehicle out-of-service
  • Provide accident traceability and driver accountability as it relates to vehicle damage
  • Ensure the condition of your vehicle is a good representation of your brand 

Expose Underbody Issues 

Complete access to the underbody of the vehicle, without putting the vehicle on a lift!

  •   Leaks underneath
  •   Damaged or broken steering and suspension components
  •   Impact with the floorboards or rocker panels
  •   Missing or modified components such as an eliminated catalytic converter
  •    Drastically increase the frequency of proactive issue monitoring, remotely!

Tire Scanning

Rather than overpaying for a trade that needs new tires, a fast Artemis automated tire inspection will identify:

  •   Tire manufacture dates
  •   Uneven tread wear
  •   Mismatched tires
  •    Deterioration or damage to tread or sidewalls

ADDRESS issues PROACTIVELY rather than

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