A Day in the Life of UVeye: Working Hard, But Enjoying the Good Life

UVeye | February 21, 2019

What you know – or may not know – about UVeye:

Using AI-based technology, UVeye provides high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles and is on the path towards changing the future of automotive security. With fantastic people, great benefits, happy hours, yoga, and, of course, free food, UVeye is not only one of the fastest growing startups in Israel, but is also, arguably, one of the best places to work.


What you probably do not know: what a day in the life of a UVeyer really looks like. Luckily, we’ve got your “in.”

Sagy is Audio Deep Learning Researcher at UVeye, a role that has him immersed in the latest technologies and coolest trends from morning to night. We decided to give you a glimpse into Sagy’s life, on one condition — that you don’t get jealous!



6:00-6:30 am:

Wakes up and feeds his adorable son Yehonatan (or, Jonathan, in English).

While watching some children’s shows with Yehonatan, Sagy gets dressed, brushes his teeth and gets ready for work.


8:00 am:

Arrives at work and, finally — the first coffee of the day!


8:15 am:

The second coffee of the day (common, you didn’t really think one was going to be enough, did you…?!) While drinking coffee and eating breakfast, Sagy watches YouTube videos, scrolls through Facebook, and catches up on the daily news.


9:00 am:

The work day begins.



9:00 – 12:00 pm:

Immerses himself in research, algorithims, analyzing vehicle sounds and implementing his findings.








12:00 pm:

Goes out for lunch. Being the carnivore that he is, the choice is meat!


1:00 pm:

Brainstorming with members of his team. Sagy says that the team (which consists of four UVeyer’s, including himself) are very close; they talk and laugh a lot, and even occasionally go out for a beer.


2:00 pm:

Team meeting with UVeye’s CEO Amir Hever. As a member of the research team, Sagy is responsible for making Amir’s dreams come true and for putting theory into practice.


3:00 – 5:00 pm:

UVeye is constantly attending conferences (we just returned from CES and are on our way to the Automotive Testing Expo in Korea). As a result, Sagy ensures that the demos that are shown at the conferences and to potential customers work properly and as planned. This process requires constant testing of the equipment, including the undercarriage, the 360 module and the tire module. After ensuring that all products are working properly, he packs them in suitcases (which is no easy task!) in order to showcase them throughout the world.






5:00 pm:

Gummy bear break (office joke: “Who ate all of the gummy bears? Go ask Sagy!”), then back to researching, gathering data, and analyzing algorithms.


7:00 pm:

Back at home in Petach Tikvah, Sagy helps his wife, makes dinner for his family and plays with his son. He says that nothing beats the time he spends with his family and while he is often called a “workaholic,” he makes sure to leave business in the office.



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