Applications of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Kate Schattner | January 18, 2018

UVIS Applications

In this day and age, there are a vast number of industries that require Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS). UVEye offers a leading under vehicle inspection system that more than meets the requirements of any application.

Among the applications of UVIS are the entrance to prisons, where it is essential to have such a system in place to prevent smuggling and other unlawful activities.

Another application is for border control. News headlines are filled with stories of the shocking lengths smugglers are prepared to go to in order to sneak people across borders. In one instance that made news headlines, two Moroccan smugglers tied a 29 year-old migrant from Guinea underneath a car’s bumper and tried to cross the border in Spain’s North African territory of Melilla. Spain constructed the Melilla border fence to stop illegal immigration and smuggling. The man was discovered in a serious condition. Besides the fact that some of these people do not survive the ordeal making it a dangerous endeavor, it is also illegal. UVEye’s under vehicle inspection system scans the undercarriage of any vehicle entering or exiting a designated area. Within less than 3 seconds its inbuilt, hi-res, super-fast LPR camera scans the vehicle’s underside capturing sharp, clear 3D color images from numerous angles alert operators immediately if they detect concealed items — be it threats, concealed weapons, or a human being.

UVEye’s camera also enables the system to match each vehicle undercarriage footprint and store the information in a secure database for later inquiry. This could be highly valuable information for border control where different border locations can share the data scanned by the system of a specific vehicle.

For this reason, UVEye is also a perfect solution for highway police and for use in special occasions, such as diplomatic visits where checking vehicles for suspicious objects is crucial. UVEye disrupts the market as from the very first scan of its camera, it can automatically recognize and identify dubious objects without having any previous record of a vehicle. UVEye can even compare between scans of the same vehicle model and detect whether any changes that have been made.

UVIS should in fact be used at the entrance to airports, diplomatic embassies, seaports, power plants, and military bases. All these areas are high-profile targets for terrorists and if not protected, make easy objects for their malicious activities.

In early 2016 a deadly car bomb killed and injured dozens of Russian generals at a military base considered one of the most important military centers of the Russian forces on the Syrian coast. The incident was carried out by opposition factions and gihadists after observing a gathering of senior Russian generals at the base. This is an excellent example of where if an under vehicle inspection system had been set up at the entrance to the base, this incident could have been averted.

For Commercial Use

There are also commercial applications for UVIS systems, such as at the entrances to a mall’s parking lot or a hotel’s. One can never know where the next terrorist attack using a car bomb will occur, however, high-traffic areas and places that draw crowds are a good place to start!

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