Applications of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Kate Schattner | January 18, 2018
UVIS Applications In this day and age, there are a vast number of industries that require Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS). UVEye offers a leading under vehicle inspection system that more than meets the requirements of any application. Among the applications of UVIS are the entrance to prisons, where it is essential to have such… View Article

Inspecting Vehicle With Advanced User Interface

Kate Schattner | January 12, 2018
UVEye – The Most Advanced System User Interface (UI) UVEye’s next-generation Under Vehicle Inspection System, that scans any vehicle’s undercarriage and automatically detects any modifications to it or threats, is driven by an extremely intuitive and easy-to-master User Interface (UI). This powerful workstation makes UVEye stand out from the crowd and operators’ lives easy. UVEye’s advanced… View Article