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Kate Schattner | December 18, 2017

Car Bomb – How To Prevent The Next Attack

Late Saturday, December 10, two bombs were detonated in Istanbul leaving 38 people dead and 155 injured. The first attack, which seems to have targeted police, occurred outside a heavily attended football game at Besiktas Vodafone Arena. Reports say the bomb was detonated by remote control. Less than a minute later, a suicide bomber caused a second explosion at Macka Park, less than a mile away from the Arena. These explosions have shaken a nation still trying to recover from a series of deadly bombings this year in Istanbul and Ankara.

The car bomb incident could have been entirely averted had the area been protected by UVEye’s next-generation Under Vehicle Inspection System. UVEye scans the undercarriage of any vehicle entering or exiting a secured compound and automatically identifies concealed threats or modifications to the vehicle.

How UVEye Works

The UVEye under vehicle inspection system comprises several high-speed, high-resolution cameras that, within less than 3 seconds flat, scan the underside of the vehicle. What places UVEye ahead of its competitors is that from this very first scan — and with no previous record of a vehicle — it can automatically recognize and identify suspicious objects such as concealed weapons and other contraband, including drugs. This process is enabled by UVEye’s advanced machine learning algorithm that the company’s experts have developed. The state-of-the-art combination of hardware and software is what creates this superior system that will give the best anti-terror solution.

The system works in two ways. Firstly, the system captures a true, super-sharp, undistorted 3D color image of the vehicle’s undercarriage from multiple angles so that nothing goes unnoticed. This speed is essential in high traffic areas, such as a stadium, as it does not cause traffic build up. Using advanced patent-pending image-processing algorithms, the system scans the images and if a suspicious object is identified it immediately alerts the operator.

Unique Features

Secondly, UVEye has a unique Smart Compare® feature, which enables the system to automatically compare between scans of the same vehicle model and detect any changes that have been made, such as having a bomb on board. A built-in LPR camera also enables the system to automatically read the license plate number of the vehicle and store all of this information in a secure database for later inquiry. For operators, UVEye offers an intuitive and powerful workstation with an easy-to-master user interface. UVEye’s customers include governmental compounds (such as embassies) and military bases as well as private premises worldwide.

The example of the car bomb in Istanbul, also justifies the use of UVEye’s mobile system that comes in a hand-carried, light-weight suitcase, can be deployed anywhere in less than 5 minutes, and is ideal if one needs a quick solution for vehicle inspection on the go. The mobile system comprises all the benefits of UVEye’s stationary under vehicle inspection system, which blends in seamlessly with the landscape forming a natural look with no discomfort for the driver.

Had the soccer stadium and Macka Park been protected by either of UVEye’s under vehicle inspection systems, the bombing and subsequent fatalities could have been prevented!

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