Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System

| December 3, 2017

The Need

The setups of temporary road blocks due to security needs ─ such as international diplomatic visits or political events ─ are a part of our life.
Today, in light of the sharp increase in world terrorism, law enforcement authorities are looking for new ways, not in the least technological ones, to increase security, all with the goal of preventing terrorist organizations from carrying out their next attack. Many sophisticated tools are already in use by various law enforcement agencies, but the latest, most exciting one, comes from UVEYE, a company specializing in the development of smart image processing systems. UVEye is the first company to come to the market with a truly mobile undercarriage inspection system.
UVEye’s mobile under vehicle inspection system consists of two units: a camera unit and a control unit (controlled by an operator).

Mobile Solution

Thanks to the mobile under vehicle inspection system small size (84.8 cm x 34.5 cm x 7.5 cm), it can be comfortably stored in the trunk of any vehicle until it needs to be deployed. Then, it can be simply taken out and put on any type of road at the entrance point to the secured compound, where vehicles are meant to stop at a checkpoint. The whole process requires zero preparation and within as little as 5 minutes the system is up and running.
The mobile under vehicle inspection system is connected to a control unit – both are made from special materials that make them especially resistant to the toughest climates and environmental conditions.
When a vehicle moves above the camera unit, its undercarriage is automatically scanned and within a few seconds the operator sees a high-resolution color image of the vehicle underbody on his console.

But that’s not all. Like its fixed (stationary) version, the unit is programmed to automatically alert (visually and audibly) on any object added or attached to the undercarriage or even when the undercarriage differs from the vehicle’s manufacturer specifications.
This mobile camera system comes as an All-In-One. It has a built-in LPR system, a proximity sensor and even a special camera that provides a color image of the incoming vehicle’s exterior. Again, all of these features are built right into the unit and do not require an external connection.
In summary, UVEye’s mobile camera system provides a quick and effective solution that does not require special skills to operate it, and acts as an additional security measure and deterrent to criminals.


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