Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Kate Schattner | August 14, 2017

Unique Technology For Under Vehicle Surveillance

In the era of global terrorism, we are seeing more and more organizations – military and civilian alike – starting to appreciate the importance of inspecting the undercarriage of every vehicle entering their secured compounds.


That is a good thing, right? Well, only partly so; because even today, in an age characterized by giant technological leaps, you can still see quite a few sites where these inspections are performed manually, by security personnel standing near the car and inspecting it using an archaic tool – typically a handheld mirror.

Let’s try to distinguish between this old, conventional inspection method and the newer one which is more technological.

The Old Method

An under vehicle surveillance process is performed by a person holding a handheld mirror under the vehicle.

The information that can be achieved from such procedure is partial at best, as most mirrors provide a limited view of the undercarriage, failing to show key areas, particularly toward the middle of the vehicle.

In addition, the test accuracy varies from vehicle to vehicle as a result of weather changes, personnel fatigue or lack of concentration, all of which may impair decision-making in the field.

Besides being time-consuming and labor-intensive (a typical test takes several minutes per vehicle), the most significant problem with manual inspection is the close proximity between security personnel and potential danger.

The New Method

This newer, technologically unique method that can be seen in more and more facilities around the world involves the installation of an automatic under vehicle surveillance camera system.

The under-vehicle surveillance system, in its fixed version, is placed at a site’s checkpoint and includes several cameras, along with an LPR (License plate recognition) system.

As the vehicle drives over the imaging unit, it triggers the system to automatically scan, process and transmit a fully colored, high resolution image of the vehicle’s undercarriage directly to a control unit, all in just seconds.


The Image displayed on the operator screen, placed in safe distance from the car, provides current and historical information about the incoming car and is capable of alert raising in real-time on any object / unidentified changes observed by the scanning unit.

The user interface provides a variety of options for the examiner. For example, every image can be manipulated for closer inspection (zooming and panning) while the vehicle is detained and additionally, it is stored both for later viewing and for future reference.

UVEye, a company dealing with a complex image processing and intelligent machine learning systems, has developed a unique under-vehicle camera system that is smart, easy to operate and most importantly – give an adequate answer to the aforementioned needs and problems.

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