Under Vehicle Inspection Solution

| December 26, 2016

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in world terrorism and the list of countries entering the circle is only growing. Terrorist organizations operate in many different methods that are growing and evolving all the time, including booby-trapped cars, and weapon smuggling for the purpose of attacks on innocent civilians.

In response, many technology companies are trying to develop sophisticated solutions to address the issue and try to prevent the next terrorist attack. One of those systems is an under-vehicle inspection system.

Until today, in entrances to different types of sites, a security guard would run a long pole with a mirror attached to it to try and detect threats that may be attached to the belly of incoming vehicles. However, besides the fact that this test is outdated and unreliable, it is also entirely dependent on the guard’s judgment and most importantly – it’s life-threatening.

UVEYE, specializing in the production of image processing and three-dimensional learning systems, has broken into the market with an innovative product that provides an intelligent and efficient solution to this problem ─ an automatic under vehicle inspection.
After a car passes on the system, within just a few seconds, you receive a high-resolution color image of the vehicle’s undercarriage and an automated processing and analysis of any object / changes made to it.

The main advantage of the under vehicle inspection system is that it is automatic and does not require any foreknowledge from the security personnel at the entrance and does not force them to stand next to the car while it’s being inspected.

The system comes in two configurations: a fixed unit and a mobile one. The fixed unit is most suitable for facilities with permanent entrances where moving of the system is not required. The mobile version is designed especially for various law enforcement agencies, such as traffic police, security firms and various intelligence organizations that need to scan passing vehicles easily and conveniently.

There is no doubt that global terrorism continues to provide technological challenges for various companies and organizations, some of which, such as UVEYE, provide an appropriate response to such a complex problem.

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